Have you ever been in the shower and said to yourself, “I’ve totally got life figured out!” Then you go to reach for your towel and realize you forgot to set one out for easy access? That is my life right now.

Every time I keep feeling like I’ve got things figured out, life throws a curveball at me. If you should know one thing about me, it’s that I don’t have very good hand-eye coordination so I end up either getting hit in the face by said curveball or fumbling around as I try to catch it. (It’s usually the first one.)

I got laid off from my job about four months ago. I wasn't really in love with said job, but it provided a safety net as I pursued my dream of being a videographer. Now all I have is my dream and over 50 rejected job applications. Life, am I right?

Well, I'm not letting it get me down and neither should you! Life will always throw curveballs, but we decide what we do with those curveballs. I've decided to treat mine as opportunities! How else would I have had the time to learn as much as I can about filmmaking, spend a week with my parents in Arizona, or go through all of my study abroad pictures? Or find the video below that has become my go-to dance move? Hahaha 😂 It's all about perspective!


Sophie & Greg | Big Springs Park Bridals

Sometimes, I get anxious when I meet new clients on the day of their shoot, but Sophie and Greg are so down to earth that all anxieties flew out the window! They are so cute together, so attractive, and so funny. I'm not kidding when I say that the most frequent words out my mouth were "That was so cute, do it again!" They were so comfortable with each other, and it made my job easy :)

One of my favorite parts about bridal/formal pictures is that the couple's family will sometimes tag along. This stress-free environment for them makes getting to know them so much easier. Let me just say that their families are hilarious! They were so kind and funny and they added to the experience. I can't wait to photograph this couple again in a couple of weeks!

Whitney & Chaz | Arizona LDS Temple Wedding Video

I've known Whitney since middle school. She is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know. Also she's hilarious. Even though she and Chaz went to high school together, they only met a year ago. On a mountain. He was literally her knight in shining armor who came to help her get down the mountain, despite her dirty contact lens. It's all about that timing, am I right?

Whitney flew me down to film her special day and honestly, I probably would have flown down anyway. It was one of the sweetest weddings I've had the chance to film. I am so excited to see what they accomplish together!


Kira & Jason | Salt Lake Temple Wedding Film

I played bridesmaid and videographer for this wedding and loved every second of it. Especially those seconds when I got to take my heels off ;) I am so happy for these two lovebirds and their cute, little family! 

Grab some tissues, you might need them. :)



Bridesmaid Dresses: Mikarose
Wedding Dress: Gowns by Pamela
Tuxes: Ritz Tux Rentals
Hair & Makeup: Utah Bridal Hair and Makeup
Reception: Alpine Art Center
Cake: Jen's Cake Creations
Flowers: The Vintage Petal
Photographer: Brock Best Photography

Jordyn & Zach | Ogden Temple Wedding Film

I met Jordyn and Zach a couple of weeks before their wedding and they were some of the nicest and classiest people I have ever met. And I've met a lot of people. But in all seriousness, they were so sweet and so in love and I just wanted to make sure that their video reflected the kind of people and couple that they are.

Also, I must say that they were so on top of everything! They chose songs for their wedding video before the actual wedding, allowing me to get their video finished in a week. Congratulations to this beautiful couple! I can't wait to see what they do next :)


Kira & Jason Bridals | Hobble Creek Canyon

This first look was one of my favorites to photograph. I set them up in their spots, and as I was running to the bushes to give them some space and get my through-the-grass shots, Jason turned around! Either he was so excited to see her or I failed to go over the specifics with them of how Kira and I had envisioned it. Either way, it turned out great. Aren't they THE CUTEST? Just going through the pictures again is giving me the chills.

Stay tuned for their wedding video! I've teared up a little just editing it because of all the feels of their wedding day. I may be too close to the situation though so I will let you all be the judge of that :)

Wedding Dress: Gowns by Pamela
Flowers: The Vintage Petal